Bihar Police cleverly uses Nayanatara’s photo to catch a criminal     2017-12-24   00:55:12  IST  Raghu V

Nayanatara shares she biggest female star position with Anushka Shetty down south. She is inarguably the biggest in Tamil Nadu. Probably, the most popular in entire South belt. But she isn’t that famous in northern states? A notorious gangster in Bihar wasn’t aware of who Nayanatara is. His poor knowledge about Southern Cinema made him a bunny of Bihar Police. Read this interesting story with twists.

So this gangster in Bihar Mohammed Hasnain has allegedly stolen an MLA Sanjay Kumar Mahato’s costly mobile phone. The local MLA registered a complaint against the gangster in Darbhanga Police Station. This theft case was handovered to assistant sub inspector of police Madhubala Devi. The lady police cooked a filmy plan to catch the thief.

She started calling him with a private number and not giving her original name. She was more of a stranger girl who accidentally started friendship. This guy was obviously supposed to get lured. When he asked her to meet, she signalled green. When he asked her for a picture, she sent a private photo of Southern Superstar Nayanatara. Wonder how this gangster is living in 2017 without knowing who Nayanatara is. He has taken the photo to be the original of the girl he is talking to. Got trapped.

When he visited the place they planned for a hangout, there was Police standing for him instead of the beautiful girl in the photo. Later it was learnt that he has bought that phone from another thief, police arrested that guy too.