See what big film Rajamouli has planned after Baahubali     2017-01-10   00:54:16  IST  Raghu V

Today, Rajamouli can be termed as the biggest filmmaker in entire India. From a typical Telugu mass director to the man behind fantasy epic Baahubali, Rajamouli has shaped himself from a common thing to the biggest man directing behind the camera.

Now, India’s biggest filmmaker plans to take the biggest story Mahabharata to the silver screen. It’s not new, you have heard Rajamouli speaking about his dream project Mahabharata many times. But the new update is, he is planning Mahabharata at least in 3 parts.

Yes, according to reports, Rajamouli’s Mahabharata series will have 3 parts at least for now. Number of films in the series would be even increased if required. This is it for now. The director himself will announce all other details officially.