Big Blow For Chandrababu!

State Minority Commission Chairman Ziauddin gave a huge shock to TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.Recently, Ziauddin has resigned from the Telugu Desam Party.

 Big Blow For Chandrababu!

It is a huge blow for Chandrababu and TDP.Ziauddin belongs to the family of former minister Lal Jan Basha.Ziauddin lamented that Chandrababu had done injustice to the Lal Jan Basha family no matter how hard they worked for the growth of the TDP.He criticized Chandrababu for indulging in selfishness even after losing power.

Against this backdrop, Ziauddin penned an open letter.He said that since the inception of the TDP, his brother, the late Lal John Basha, and all his family members have worked with dedication for the growth of the party led by the late NT Rama Rao and have worked hard for the betterment of the party under the leadership of Chandrababu, later.

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However, Ziauddin criticized Chandrababu for trying to incite inter-religious hatred for self political purposes even after losing power.He alleged that now, he is using YCP MP Raghuram Krishnamaraju as a pawn to divide the people on caste grounds.

He severely criticized Chandrababu for defending Narasapuram MP Raghurama Krishnamaraju.

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