Joe Biden Seek More Indian-Americans In Key Office.  

Joe Biden Seek More Indian-Americans In Key Office. - Telugu America Elections, Donal Trump, Joe Biden, Joe Biden Plan For Indo American Votes, Kamala Harris

In a bid to woo the Indian-American voters in the United States, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to put in place “policies that address the priorities of the community” in his agenda for the Indian-American community in the US. Around 1.8 million Indian Americans are eligible to vote in the US presidential election 2020. - Joe Biden Seek More Indian-americans In Key Office.

Biden will ensure that South Asian Americans are represented in his administration, the statement said, noting that his vice-presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris’ mother emigrated from India to study and build a life in the United States.

“Our government will reflect the diversity of the United States and Indian American voices will be included in shaping the policies that impact their communities,” it said.Joe Biden named Indian-American Kamala Harris as his vice presidential pick in August.

 Harris is the first woman of South Asian heritage to be elected to the US Senate.

The statement released by Biden’s office states that Indian Americans have been subjected to bullying and xenophobic attacks and Biden will bring law to prohibit convicts of a hate crime from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

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