Benefits Of Taking Sunlight In The Morning  

We understand this is summer which has come with scorching temperatures above 40 degrees.But exposing yourself to limited sun light is not really bad as you think.

Taking healthy sunlight is always healthy for your body.Sunlight supplies huge amount of Vitamin D, which a human needs to take.

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But remember, you shouldn’t stand in the peak hours of sunlight.Standing for 10-15 mins in moderate sunlight in way sufficient.So, why don’t you check the details and benefits.

1) Sunlight promotes bone strength.It gives you the Vitamin D which is necessary to absorb calcium.And you know the fact, Calcium powers the bones.

2) Limited intake of UV rays cuts down obesity.Few to several studies have proven this fact.Standing in sunlight will improve your metabolism rate.

3) Sunlight will bless you with a good sleep pattern.Ask how ? It sends signals to a gland in the brain that produces melatonin.This hormone will improve your sleep.

4) Regular intake of Sunlight will increase seratonin levels.This process will improve your mood and cuts down stress and depression.

5) Vitamin D3 improves your eye sight.Though it’s a rare fact, you can’t question it’s reliability.Sunlight gives you Vitamin D3.

6) Exposure to moderate sunlight will boost immunity power.It improves the flow of T cells which build the fighting and healing power.

7) Sunlight supplies Vitamin D for you.So, it avoids Vitamin D deficiency.For that reason, it prevents colon cancer, breast cancer and other several types of cancers.

8) Studies in 2009 stated that Viitamin D is a necessity for Child’s growth and brain functioning.So make your children stand in healthy sunlight before 10PM for 10-15 minutes.

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