Babu Mohan Sensational Comments On KCR #BabuMohan

Babu Mohan Sensational Comments on KCR #BabuMohan

Leading comedian Babu Mohan said that it was KCR that brought him into politics.You have been humiliated, you have never been disturbed.

 Babu Mohan Sensational Comments On Kcr

Babu Mohan said that KCR said compete on behalf of TRS.Babu Mohan said that the person who supported him so much did not give a seat in the next elections.Babu Mohan said that the 40-year-old friendship had broken up for a single reason.He was not given a seat due to his low ranking according to the survey of MLAs.

Babu Mohan said that everyone as a human being has self-esteem and he said that no matter how many mistakes one makes, there is a forgiving quality in others.But he said that self-esteem is damaged.

So he said his self-esteem was also damaged.I still saw one for twenty days.

I Tried the Phone but KCR Did not talk to me.He told me that he did not want me to lie where he was, and that he did not want to be so embarrassed that he had done something wrong.He was adamant that he could not at least get an appointment to talk about it.

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