Australia To Kill 10,000 Camels!  

The ongoing bushfires in Australia destroyed thousands of square kilometres of nature and claimed millions of animals.Reportedly, over 30 people have lost their lives so far.

Australia To Kill 10 000 Camels!-Australia Bushfires Forest Fires

While this is one side of the story, on the other side, the Australian government is preparing itself to kill 10,000 camels.

Reason? Bushfire.But how is the question? According to a report, animals which find themselves in the wild are coming into residential zones in search of water, and to be away from extreme temperatures due to fires.This has put the lives of the citizens in jeopardy.

‘The camels are barging into homes, and destructing everything in their path.Even our wooden fencing was thrashed by two camels the other day.

Few of our friends reported that camels were even damaging Air Conditioning units in search of water’, a resident said.

The Australian Government has decided to kill 10,000 camels in the coming days.

‘When it comes between animals and our citizens, we put our citizens first’, said an official.Sources also confirmed that Australian forces would helicopter to hunt down and kill the camels.

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