Ashi Singh Surprises School Kids With Her Gifts

Ashi Singh delights school children with her gifts

Mumbai, Nov 30 : TV actress Ashi Singh, who is currently seen playing the role of Meet Hooda in the show ‘Meet’ is fond of getting surprises since childhood and she decided to give the same happiness to other kids with a similar surprise to school kids.

 Ashi Singh Surprises School Kids With Her

She says: “When I was a child and even today, I personally love surprises.Whenever someone gets you a small gift, you’re always very happy.That’s why I decided to spread happiness and distribute some gifts to all the kids around me.”

In the show, Meet is the kind of girl who does everything for others and Ashi seems to try to do the same with her gesture.She adds: “They did not even know what the gift was, but still, they all were so excited and looking at their smiles, my heart was full of happiness.”

“I am really grateful to God that I have got such opportunities that have enabled me to bring a smile to their faces, and surprise them with some special gifts,” she concludes expressing her gratitude to the Almighty.

‘Meet’ is based on a Bengali show ‘Bokul Katha’ and it revolves around a Haryanvi girl Meet Hooda, played by Ashi Singh, and how she breaks the societal norms and regulations by running her family all alone as a delivery agent.


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