Posani Comments On Prudhvi Raj – Are Amaravati Kamma Ladies Paid Artists?  

The other day SVBC Chairman Prudhvi Raj’s statements on farmers protesting against shifting the capital received flak on social media.The actor-cum-politician mocked at those protesting.‘Are these people farmers? Men are shirts and trousers, while women are having golden bangles to their hands.They also have cell phones.Do we call them farmers? Are Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh also farmers? These are all paid artists’ he said.

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Reacting on this, Posani comments on Prudhvi Raj is trending on social media.

‘It is because of this kind of people, YS Jagan is losing respect in the eyes of the public.Can’t farmers have golden bangles? Can’t they have a cell phone in their hands? Shouldn’t the men wear a shirt and trousers? This is sick of Prudhvi to make such allegations on those who have sacrificed their lands for the sake of capital.The crop can be cultivated all three seasons on these lands.He has to apologise for his comments’, Posani said.

He further went on to question whether Amaravati women are paid artists or Kamma ladies living in Amaravati are paid, artists? Surprisingly, even Posani is a supporter of the YSRCP party.

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