AP Govt To Divert Godavari Water To The Spillway Today

The construction of Polavaram, a national project under construction on the Godavari River, has come to an end.Godavari water will soon be released on the spillway to the delta as part of the Polavaram project.The Upper Cofferdam was completed for the construction of the ECRF as part of the project construction.It is reported that the first trial of Godavari water from the Polavaram project will be unveiled today (Friday).Water will be released to the Delta via the Approach Channel at 11.30 am this morning.Water will be released over the spillway.

 Ap Govt To Divert Godavari Water To The Spillway Today-TeluguStop.com

AP government and Megha Engineering company will jointly launch the first trial of the prestigious Polavaram project.

Ministers Anil Kumar and Alla Nani will participate in the virtual inauguration ceremony.Polavaram MLA Balaraju, ENC Narayana Reddy along with officials will participate in the inauguration ceremony.

 AP Govt To Divert Godavari Water To The Spillway Today-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

However, Rangarajan will participate on behalf of Megha Engineering Company.The water will be diverted from the Godavari River to the Approach Channel.

The water reaches the Dhavaleswaram Cotton Barrage through the Spillway and sluice gates, from where it reaches the Central Delta as well as the Godavari Delta through the east and west canals.The flow from the Godavari River will be diverted by 6.6 km.

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