CBN’S hard reply on Pawan comments     2015-07-11   02:24:12  IST  Bhanu C

Power star Pawan Kalyan remarks in the recently held press conference did not go down well many politicians. In fact, a few Andhra Pradhesh MPs are upset with his remarks. Pawan used a few harsh words on several AP MPs and asked them to get inspired from the fighting spirit of Telangana MPs, who were adamant on getting the Telangana state until last year.

Mp’s also reacted strongly for Pawan comments. AP chief minsiter Chandrababu Naidu finally responded on the tussle between Pawan and Seema Andhra MPs. Speaking with media in Delhi, Naidu asked Pawan to be patient.

CBN said “Andhra Pradesh is a new state and we have many other problems relating to the state.Pawan Kalyan should be patient. Things will not happen overnight”.Chandrababu Naidu also reportedly also asked his MPs to show restraint from hitting Pawan Kalyan.