Babu ‘100 crore’ bumper offer for Nobel     2017-01-05   04:24:35  IST  Bhanu C

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandababu Naidu is fond of technology. He is always encourages technology sector. In a recent development Chandrababu offered 100 crore reward if any scientist from Andhra Pradesh brings Nobel prize. It is known that 104 Indian Science Congress is underway in Tirupati which was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi. couple of days ago.

On the other hand Chandrababu commenced Children Science Congress on Wednesday. On this occasion he felicitated Japanese physics scientist Takaaki Kajita who was the Nobel prize winner in 2015. While speaking in the conference he said that every student should work hard in shine in the Science & Technology sector. He said that small innovations lead to great discoveries.

Coming to the topic of Nobel prize, the prize money is 5.96 crores. But Babu is saying that the AP government will give 100 crore reward for the prize winner. It is 17 times more than the actual prize money. Bumper offer for scientists… Isn’t it ?