Anupama And Her Baby Boy Were Finally Reunited By A Kerala Court.

Thiruvananthapuram : , It was a day that this 22-year old Kerala mother had lost hope of seeing after her four-day old boy was taken from her by her parents in October 2013.The state authorities were indifferent to her situation.

 Anupama And Her Baby Boy Were Finally Reunited By A Kerala

Anupama was able to get her child back thanks to a massive media blitz that began this October 13.
The baby boy was brought to court at 3:00 p.m.and the judge requested that he be taken to his chamber.

He called a doctor to conduct a medical exam of the baby.When he was declared fit, Anupama, her husband, were called to his chamber.

The judge then entered the courtroom and ordered that the state agencies hand over the baby boy for Anupama.

Anupama’s struggle for her baby was over.This had pitted her against Pinarayi Vijayan, a CPI-M-led government.V.D., the Leader of Opposition, took flak.Satheesan was charged with “child trafficking” and not adoption on Wednesday.

Anupama and her husband Ajith walked out of courtroom with their son close to their chests as it began to rain.

Anupama with her few female supporters, including K.K.Rema, whose husband T.P.Chandrasekheran was hacked by CPI-M activists.Rema, whose husband T.P.

She thanked all media for their support and said she would go home to decide her future course.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me once again and we will continue our protests until the wrongdoers get punished.I believe that those who have done wrong will be punished.

The nature of the protest will soon be decided.We want to raise our son and make him a responsible citizen.

She expressed her gratitude to the Andhra couple for taking care of our son after he was adopted.

Satheesan made a serious allegation earlier in the day about Vijayan’s role and the leadership of his party.

“Handing the baby boy over to Andhra Pradesh’s adoptive parents was not adoption, but child trafficking.The ‘conspiracy in the case was revealed with each passing day.The Congress leader stated that there was a complete ‘foul play’ in the case and that every rule regarding adoption was thrown to one side.”The authorities involved acted in the most irresponsible way.”

“Till date Vijayan had not spoken a word about this issue.Satheesan said, “He must come out of this silence.”

Anupama won the fight to get her child back.The DNA test result came back positive on Tuesday.

The authorities allowed Anupama and her parents to see their child, who is now in government custody.

T.V., the Director of the Women and Child Development Department, conducted a thorough probe into the matter on Wednesday morning.Anupama was completed.Sources claim that the report indicts the two agencies responsible to adopt – the KSCCWC, and the Child Welfare Committee – of serious violations.This contradicts Veena George, State Health Minister.

Anupama was happy to hear the media reports about the report of the senior bureaucrat.

“It is very encouraging that the truth is being revealed, as everything the Council and CWC did in this adoption was grossly incorrect.Imagine the agony of the Andhra couple who adopted my baby.

Despite my complaints and pleas, the CWC/Council did nothing and did the wrong.She said that all of this could have been avoided if the CWC and Council had done their jobs in a responsible manner.

Anupama won the first battle.On Sunday night, a four-member team, following the CWC’s instructions, returned with the’missing baby’ from Andhra Pradesh.

Monday was the DNA test.The baby and the couple were paired up.

Anupama was just about to give final clearance to the adoption by the family court.After the court had stopped all follow-up procedures to legalize the adoption to the Andhra couple, the Vijayan government ordered the CWC/KSCCWC to quickly act.

Anupama, the SFI activist, and grand-daughter of one of the most prominent yesteryear CPI–M leaders, had approached the CWC and the state police chief, but it wasn’t until the couple approached the media that things began to move.

Vijayan is now under severe pressure and it is likely that Vijayan will be forced to perform.This is most likely because N.Sunanda, chief of KSCCWC, and Shijukhan’s CWC chief – both political appointees.

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