Andhra Redesignates Women Protection Secretaries As Mahila Police

Amaravati, June 24 : In an apparent attempt to further strengthen women’s security at the village and ward levels, the Andhra Pradesh government on Wednesday elevated the ‘Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsis’ or women protection secretaries as Mahila Police constables.

 Andhra Redesignates Women Protection Secretaries As Mahila

The redesignation exercise puts the women protection secretaries on par with the lady constables of the state police force.

The newly designated Mahila Police officials will be provided the “required training as in vogue”, according to the orders issued on Wednesday by Principal Secretary (Home) Kumar Vishwajeet.

As per the order, the Mahila Police constables will be the representatives of the nearest police station and be given the same uniform as lady constables.

They will enjoy the same powers and responsibilities as constables.Additional head constable posts will also be created for the Mahila Police, making the necessary modifications to the existing law in this regard.

Women protection secretaries were appointed to the village and ward secretariats which are the brainchild of Chief Minister Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, set up soon after he came to power in 2019