Andhra Pradesh: Clashes Between Rajam TDP Leaders!

Murali Mohan, who is trying to bring life to the TDP, which has disappeared across the state.Activists are perplexed as class differences within the party continue to grow as people who do not like party-dominated programs at least do not look down on them.

 Andhra Pradesh: Clashes Between Rajam Tdp Leaders!

In the local elections held four months ago, the YSR Congress party won all the MPP and ZPTC seats in Rajam constituency.TDP in-charge Kondru Muralimohan’s efforts to survive have not been able to digest this popularity.

Finally, the current developments make it clear that even the constituency elders in the party are not cooperating.Former TDP MLC Kavali Pratibha Bharati and her daughter Grishma Prasad set up huge banners at various places in Rajam town to wish the people of the constituency on the occasion of Sankranti.

Many TDP activists are whispering that the photo of Kondru Muralimohan is nowhere to be seen.

Criticisms are coming that Pratibha Bharati is sidelining Kondru Murali Mohan because he has done injustice to The TDP brothers are openly discussing that she is in the process of getting the Rajam constituency TDP ticket for her daughter Grishma Prasad in this election.Rajam for his patronage.There are activists in favour of Pratibha Bharati in Rajam town, Mandal.

Andhra Pradesh: Clashes Between Rajam TDP Leaders! - Telugu Kondrumurali, Pratibha, Rajam

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