Andhra Pradesh: CBN Pawan Alliance Or Jagan Chiru Alliance Telugu Ap Cm Jagan, Chandrababu,

Andhra Pradesh: CBN – Pawan Alliance Or JaganChiru Alliance? – Telugu Ap Cm Jagan, Chandrababu, Cm Jagan, Janasena, Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalayna – AndhraPradesh #APCMJagan #Chandrababu #CMJagan #Janasena #MegaChiranjeevi #PawanKalayna #Andhra #Pradesh #Pawan #Alliance #Jagan #Chiru #YSJagan #YSRCongress #Chiranjeevi #AndhraPradesh #TeluguStopVideos AP politics is taking unexpected turns.The opposition TDP will continue to use every opportunity presented to it to put a check on the ruling YCP.TDP chief Chandrababu is constantly changing tactics and trying to keep a check on Jagan.But putting a check on a strong pice is not an easy task.

 Andhra Pradesh: Cbn Pawan Alliance Or Jagan Chiru Alliance Telugu Ap Cm Jagan, Chandrababu,

Even Babu does not have that ability now.That is why Babu is trying to get closer to Pawan strategically.Babu also said that Chiranjeevi’s party had done a lot of damage to them in the 2009 elections.However, Chiranjeevi said he was a good friend.

In the wake of these developments’ politics will change in Favor of Babu.Even though Pawan is now talking about alliances, he seems to be a bit positive towards Babu.

Babu predicts that if Pawan joins, the Kapu votes will fall one-sided and then the TDP-Janasenas together are expected to check the YCP.The YCP also understands this point.The TDP-Janasena knew how much damage it would do in the 2014 elections.Also know how much profit the two parties would make if they were separated in the 2019 election.

That is why Jagan also seems to have forgotten the strategy.With this, the votes of the Kapu will be lost to the YCP.Jagan himself invited Chiranjeevi to talk about the movie ticket issue in the same order.

However, the TDP-Janasena ranks suspect that there is a political angle behind CM Jagan calling Chiranjeevi alone.

After meeting Jagan, Chiru also showered compliments on Jagan.Given these developments, it seems that Jagan is looking to put a check on Chandrababu-Pawan through Chiranjeevi.

Overall AP politics is going to be interesting.Channel:Telugu Tips

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