Anand Raaj, A Writer For ‘Andaman’, On Being Inspired By Werner Herzog, A German Icon

Mumbai, Nov 24, : Anand Raaj, actor and Writer, has spoken out about the challenges of writing OTT movie ‘Andaman’.He also spoke out about Werner Herzog’s influence on him as he made the film.
He shared his thoughts about the writing process.He said: “During the lockdown I got to know about Werner Herzog, a German filmmaker.I read his books, watched some videos, and enrolled in masterclasses.I have learned so much from him.I learned that we shouldn’t wait for approval to make films.If things aren’t happening, then we should make them.

 Anand Raaj, A Writer For ‘andaman’, On Being Inspired By Werner Herzog, A German

He says, “I was shocked that Werner Herzog could write his screenplays and scripts in only 10 days.I thought, how is that possible? I learned so much about him.I was determined to write a film within 15 days.I am going to make it.Although I wasn’t able to complete the writing in 15 days, I was able to complete it in 20 days.

“And this was incredibly surreal for me because I used to take 6 to7 months to complete this film, and this one I completed within 20 days.

This film was directed and written by me, but it was spiritually created and produced by Herzog.My life has been transformed by the book “Idgah” by Premchand.

Anand believes that the story should be told in a way that focuses on each character.He said, “I’m not a trained Writer so I don’t know the tricks and tools of writing.” When I write, I try to humanize every character as if he were real people.I continue to question that person, asking him questions like: what is his mind thinking, how is he feeling, and what is he planning to do next.This is how I write.

The film stars Sanjay Mishra and Rajesh Tailang, as well as Anamica Kadamb, who is the film’s director.

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