Anchor Suma Latest Cash Program Promo | Telugu

Anchor Suma Latest Cash Program Promo | Telugu

Suma, She is the best anchor in the Tollywood industry and has earned a good reputation.The craze for star cast is anchor Suma.Has gained a lot of fans.She is also an all-rounder in the Tollywood industry.

 Anchor Suma Latest Cash Program Promo |

The star has been anchoring on television for many years.She has also acted in several movies on the silver screen.

But Suma got a good craze as an anchor.Not only at an entertainment show, but also at silver screen cine awards functions, pre-release events, Suma makes a splash with her hosting at every single event.

Shwe is currently very busy on various shows on television.And if you hear the words of the Suma anyone can melt.

Even the punches she makes do not hurt others.Over and over Suma knows how to connect everyone.Suma means good entertainer.No matter what the star cast, Suma will seduce them with her catchy words.

Suma also play with celebrities from other languages.So far, Suma has not received any criticism.

Because the way she is impressing everyone.The way she speaks attracts everyone.

It is easy to say that such a suma has the power to show its anchoring even to future generations.

Suma inquires about everyone’s family and personal matters but does not reveal much about herself.

Suma immediately diverts her family topic even if the situation arises.Many who come to the Suma show take up some topic about Rajiv Kanakala.But that thing stops there.

Meanwhile, Rajiv Kanakala also diverted again soon after the topic came up in his latest cash show.This is exactly what happened .The promo for the cash program hosted by Suma has just been released.Comedians Bullet Bhaskar, Ramprasad, Vishnu Priya and Meghna came to the show with their parents.The flower girl made a lot of noise with them.

Bullet Bhaskar’s father also shared well with this.As soon as the question arose as to whether mother is great and father is great, another contestant mother .Suma meant and said great things about women.As soon as Bhaskar’s father Rajiv was talking about Rajiv, Suma diverted the topic saying stop this topic here.

Soon after, Bullet Bhaskar’s father also came out of the topic.This promo has now gone viral on Social Media.Telugu Visheshalu,Telugu news,Telugu entertainment,telugu,telugu channel,cash program latest episode,suma cash program,suma kanakala punches,suma dance,anchor suma,cash latest promo,cash program in etv,cash program in etv latest episode,suma kanakala,latest cash program,suma cash program promo,suma cash program rajiv kanakala,cash program bullet bhaskar,bullet bhaskar father,bullet bhaskar with his father,rajiv kanakala,suma about rajiv kanakala #Suma #RajivKanakala #Cash


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