American Delegation Visits Ram Temple In Ayodhya

American delegation visits Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, Feb 21 : Quantum Integrators CEO and India Business Association’s Advisory Chairman Raj Pandya led an American delegation to Ayodhya, consisting of leaders of the Indian-American diaspora.

 American Delegation Visits Ram Temple In

Leading the delegation, Pandya arrived in the city on Wednesday morning to pay his respects and pray for prosperity and global peace at the iconic Ram Temple.

During the visit, he emphasized the significance of Ayodhya beyond the Hindu faith, highlighting its importance in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism as well.

Pandya stressed that Lord Ram transcends religious boundaries and is a symbol of India’s cultural identity, love, sacrifice, rich Indian heritage revered by millions worldwide.

Dhiren Amin, the President of the Indian Business Association, the US, was also part of the delegation.Amin said that he is feeling simply nostalgic.

Addressing the media after offering prayers at the temple, Pandya reiterated the universality of Lord Ram’s worship, emphasizing that his legacy spans across religions and nations, symbolizing India’s rich cultural heritage and unifying spirit.

Pandya also mentioned that the rebuilding of the temple was celebrated by Indian-Americans throughout the US.

He said: “We believe in strengthening the US-India relationship by creating more employment opportunities, and mutual business partnerships in both the countries which are world’s two largest democracies working together is the current and future need of the better world.”

Pandya emphasized and reiterated that India’s manpower is a big asset that the country has and the US needs that for its betterment.”Both countries coming together and working together is inevitable.”

The American delegation’s visit to Ayodhya is seen as a gesture of cultural and spiritual exchange, promoting understanding and harmony across nations and beliefs.



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