Amartya Bobo Rahut Sings Kasauli, A Song That Pays Tribute To The Scenic Hill Community.

Mumbai, Dec 16 : Singer-songwriter Amartya Bobo Rahut has talked about his recent song ‘Noor Kasauli’ which he says is dedicated to the lovely picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh.

 Amartya Bobo Rahut Sings Kasauli, A Song That Pays Tribute To The Scenic Hill

The song is composed and sung by Amartya and it is written by Pratyush Prakash.

Speaking about the song Amartya says: “I simply loved the vibe of this quaint little town Kasauli so ended up making a song on it.It’s called ‘Noor-Kasauli’.It’s a pretty happy and uplifting Ukulele-driven song that talks about the beauty of the place and its people.Basically, a love song for the mountain lover in each of us.Amartya as an indie musician began last year when he released his first single ‘Shaam Simiti’, post that he has released numerous singles like ‘Chup Chup’ and ‘Mere Aulia’ and the cult number ‘Thikana’.He also composed independent albums with Amit Trivedi and Shriram Iyer and others.

He shares more about his new song, saying: “Me and a couple of my friends went on a trip to this quaint hill station, and immediately fell in love with its vibe.The streets, the people, so much so that I wondered, what better way to pay homage to this beautiful place than make a song on it.In the process, we shot random footage of the cityscape from our phone cameras and captured moments as and when we could.Presenting ‘Noor Kasauli’, may the light of this city never die”.’Noor Kasauli’ is released on YouTube and streaming on other platforms as well.

Amartya Bobo Rahut’s song an ode to Scenic hill town of Kasauli

Amartya said about the song: “I just loved the atmosphere of Kasauli, a small town in the middle of nowhere.So I decided to make a song.The song is called “Noor-Kasauli”.This song, which is Ukulele driven, has a happy and upbeat melody that speaks about the beauty and people of this place.It’s basically a song of love for mountain lovers.
Amartya began his career as an independent musician last year with the release of “Shaam Simiti”, and since then he has been releasing many singles, including “Chup Chup” and “Mere Aulia”, and even the iconic number “Thikana”.Amit Trivedi, Shriram Iyer and other musicians also contributed to his independent album.

His new song is shared by him: “Me, a few of my friends, went on a tour to this charming hill station.We fell in love instantly with the vibe.

It was so beautiful, and so are the streets.I wanted to make an homage.We captured random shots of the cityscape with our phones and moments when we could.”Noor Kasauli” is the title of our project.May this be a city that never fades in its light.

“Noor Kasauli” is now available on YouTube.It can also be streamed on other platforms.

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