Allari Naresh Naked Shoot For Naandi  

After completing 50 films at a blistering pace, hero Allari Naresh completely slowed down.While his marriage is one of the reason, the other is the disastrous performance of his films at the box office in recent times.

The actor has limited himself to supporting roles, like Ravi Shankar in Maharshi, in recent times.Yet again, he is coming back with what could supposedly be a career turning film.

Allari Naresh new movie is titled Naandi (The Beginning).This is his 57th movie, and the actor has surely taken a different route.

We can see him being tied and hung upside down in a nude attire.With bloodshed all over his body, and the scars and openings the injuries left, introduces as to a gory sight.

But sure, the first look makes a deep impact through its visual.In a way, this is a bold attempt from someone whom we can never think off.What’s more interesting is the film is being helmed by debutant Vijay Kanakamedala, and director Satish Vegesna is bankrolling the film.We have to wait and see whether Allari Naresh naked avatar has the enough content, it is just another ‘first look’ hyped movie.


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