All Eyes on Her Open Black Blouse     2013-05-27   23:14:27  IST  Raghu V

If you are bold enough to go for any extent, any girl linked to glam industry should have to then follow Veena Malik who can devise new ways of grabbing the public and media attention. For her upcoming flick ‘Zingadi 50 50’ (In Telugu as ‘Rangeela’), the Pakistan babe has really gone from bold to boldest resorting to extreme skin show with blouse untying pics generating extra heat wave in this hot summer.

So, Veena is leaving no stone unturned in making ‘Zindagi 50 50’ a commercial movie to reckon with in her career. Look at those side angles of camera where you can see those inner assets busting out. It is hard to divert the attention from Veena and you might end watching our entire gallery Click Here