Air India Pilot Succumbs During Training At Delhi Airport

Air India pilot succumbs during training at Delhi airport

New Delhi, Nov 16 : A 37-year-old Air India pilot succumbed to discomfort during a training session at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here, an official said on Thursday.

 Air India Pilot Succumbs During Training At Delhi

The deceased was identified as Himmanil Kumar, who met an unfortunate end during a training session at Air India’s operations department in Terminal 3 of the Delhi airport.

It appears that the pilot suffered a cardiac arrest, said an official.

Colleagues rushed to aid Kumar when he exhibited signs of discomfort, suspecting a cardiac arrest.

“Despite prompt efforts to revive him, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the airport hospital,” according to officials.

Kumar, a senior commander, was undergoing conversion training for the transition from operating narrow-body aircraft to wide-body planes.

“Commencing training on October 3 for the shift to piloting Boeing 777 aircraft from A320 aircraft, he had passed his medical examinations on August 23 and was deemed fit.There were no reported fatigue-related concerns regarding his flying duties, and following a period of leave, Kumar resumed training on the day of the incident,” said the official.

“All previous medical assessments had indicated his well-being, with no underlying medical conditions detected in his history,” said the official.

“We are saddened at the passing of our colleague, Capt.Himmanil Kumar, today.Capt.Kumar was a Senior Commander, who visited our Operations office at T3 Delhi Airport as part of a routine procedure,” said an Air India spokesperson.

“He suddenly showed signs of discomfort at the office, and was immediately assisted by his colleagues.He was then rushed to the hospital in the airport premises, where, in spite of all the efforts made by the attending doctors, he passed away.Capt.

Kumar was not on active flying duty, and was undergoing conversion training to operate wide-body aircraft.The Air India team stands together in grief with Capt Kumar’s family,” said the spokesperson.



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