Ai A Fundamental Technology, We’re Investing In Ai Quite A Bit: Tim Cook

AI a fundamental technology, we’re investing in AI quite a bit: Tim Cook

San Francisco, Nov 4 : Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company is investing quite a bit in artificial intelligence (AI) and will do it responsibly for product enhancements over time.

 Ai A Fundamental Technology, We’re Investing In Ai Quite A Bit: Tim

Cook said that the company views AI and machine learning as fundamental technologies and they’re integral to virtually every product that they ship.

“When we shipped iOS 17, it had features like Personal Voice and Live Voicemail.AI is at the heart of these features.

And then, you can go all the way to then lifesaving features on the launch end of phone like fall detection, crash detection, ECG on the watch.These would not be possible without AI,” he told analysts during the company’s earnings call this week.

Cook said that Apple has work going on related to AI for quit some time.

“I’m not going to get into details about what it is, because we really don’t do that.But you can bet that we’re investing, we’re investing quite a bit, we’re going to do it responsibly and you will see product advancements over time,” the Apple CEO announced.

Personal Voice is an accessibility feature designed to create an automated voice that sounds like you.

Live Voicemail is a new feature in iOS 17 that displays a live transcription of a voicemail as it’s being recorded in real time.

In August, Cook revealed that the tech giant has been working on generative AI and other models for years.

“On a research basis, we’ve been doing research on AI and machine learning, including generative AI, for years,” Cook was quoted as saying in reports.



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