Ahmedabad Leads Mobile Games Experience In India: Report  

Ahmedabad Leads Mobile Games Experience In India: Report - Telugu Science/technology,technology

New Delhi, Oct 20 (IANS) : Users in Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Vadodara are enjoying the best mobile gaming experience in India, according to a report by mobile analytics company Opensignal.

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For the study, Opensignal analysed the mobile network experience in 48 of India’s largest cities to see how they stacked up on its “Games Experience” metric.

It measures how users perceive real-time multiplayer mobile gaming on cellular networks — on a scale of 0-100 — across some of the most popular genres such as Battle Royale and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, of which Call of Duty and Clash Royale are examples.

“We found that cities in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra dominated our measure of mobile gaming experience in India — seven of the top ten cities hail from either of the states,” Hardik Khatri, who is responsible for developing data-driven insights and analysis at Opensignal wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

The best Games Experience was enjoyed by users in Gujarat’s metro city of Ahmedabad with a score of 71.7, followed by Navi Mumbai (70.1) and Vadodara (69.

Surat, Bhopal, Mumbai, Gwalior, Indore, Thane and Rajkot round up the top 10 cities, according to the report.

Ahmedabad and Mumbai were the only tier-1 cities that placed in the top ten cities, along with tier-2 and tier-3 cities like Surat, Thane and Rajkot.

In fact, only four out of eight tier-1 cities were within the top 20, with users in Chennai and Hyderabad reporting scores of 63.6 points and 63.1 points respectively, while other Tier 1 cities like Pune (61.5), Bengaluru (61.3), Delhi (59.8) and Kolkata (57.2) were placed further below in the lower half of the chart.

Lastly, at the bottom of the chart with scores below 50 points were Varanasi and Thiruvananthapuram.

India is one of the top five markets for mobile gaming in terms of the number of users.

On the back of growing penetration of affordable smartphones, low-cost data, and improved bandwidth, the number of online gamers has risen exponentially over the last couple of years.

And with the growing popularity of esports, mobile gaming has established a foothold beyond the metros in tier-2, tier-3 cities