Children In Afghanistan Face Severe Food Shortages Due To Conflict And Poverty

Kabul 21 November : World Children’s Day is celebrated worldwide to celebrate children’s joy and education.Many children living in Afghanistan are forced to live on the streets to support their families.
Malik, 14, told Xinhua that he used to attend school but now does not.”In order to make ends meet, my father purchased me a cow for grazing and to sell the milk to help support our family,” Malik said.

 Children In Afghanistan Face Severe Food Shortages Due To Conflict And

Malik expressed sadness at his decision to leave school after three years.He said that his father was jobless, and that he has to work as an elder son to make a living, Xinhua reported.

Malik does more than just graze his cow.He also sells and transports items for street customers to make some extra money.

According to the working boy, war is the primary reason for his poverty.Everything had been destroyed during World War II.

Fifth-grade student at a primary school in Aminullah, Popalzai is worried about his studies because he must work when he returns home after school.

He said, “My elderly father does not have a job or income.That is why I must work to support my family.”

Additionally, he feared that the school might be abandoned one day when the family burden increases.

Aziz, who is a Kabul resident suggested that “our children need education” and asked for the support of the international community in supporting Afghan children to attend school.

Aziz says that many Afghan children don’t have a breadwinner at home.

Therefore, they must go to school half of the time and then work the second half to provide income for their families.

According to UN agencies, today, 22 million Afghans including many millions of children are suffering from acute food insecurity.

The UN aid agencies warned that delays in providing humanitarian assistance for the war-torn nation could lead to disaster in the next winter.

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