Actress Namitha files harassment case on house owner       2017-01-04   23:44:16  IST  Raghu V

Actress Namitha has been residing in a rented flat in Veerabadran Street, Chennai for sometime now. Owner of the flat, Karupaih Nagarathinam suddenly started harassing her with a demand to vacate the house immediately. Going with the case Namitha has filed, house owner threatened Namitha and also her manager in this issue. He even went on saying that he would cut the water and electricity connection to Namitha’s flat, if in case she didn’t vacate it within the given period of time.

Unable to tolerate the harassment, Namitha moved to court and filed a case on the owner. Namitha mentioned in words that she has been paying the rent of 15000 Indian rupees every month on time without any fail. Adding more, Namitha also said that she didn’t charge a single rupee for attending any of his house functions.

After hearing the issue, the court happened to grant an ad-interim injunction restraining a house owner from evicting Namitha from the flat. The court ordered the owner not to harass the actress anymore. The ad-interim directed by XIII assistant city civil court judge G Shanthi is valid till 12th of January, 2017.