Actress Lakshmi Manchu’s Sacred Visit To Andheri Cha Raja In Mumbai

Actress Lakshmi Manchu’s Sacred Visit to Andheri Cha Raja in Mumbai

Renowned Tollywood actress Lakshmi Manchu, celebrated for her notable roles in films like ‘Monster,’ ‘Lakshmi Bomb,’ ‘Jhummandi Naadam,’ and ‘Kadal,’ recently took a respite from her bustling schedule to seek the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha at Andheri Cha Raja in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

 Actress Lakshmi Manchu’s Sacred Visit To Andheri Cha Raja In

For this special occasion, Lakshmi Manchu graced the event in a resplendent baby pink saree adorned with delicate floral motifs.

She elegantly paired it with a mint-colored blouse intricately embroidered in silver.Her hair was neatly tied up, and she accessorized her look with exquisite earrings that added a touch of grace and charm.

Lakshmi Manchu expressed her heartfelt sentiments during her visit to Andheri Cha Raja.She conveyed that being at this sacred place was an incredibly moving experience for her.Seeking the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha filled her with strength and determination to overcome challenges in both her life and career.Additionally, she mentioned that she performed a small puja at home to pay her respects.

Lately, the versatile actress has been shuttling between the bustling cities of Hyderabad and Mumbai due to her numerous work commitments.Currently, she is engrossed in the post-production phase of her eagerly awaited project, ‘Agninakshatram,’ in which she essays the challenging role of a police officer.

In her reflection on the year, Lakshmi Manchu expressed a profound sentiment, emphasizing the significance of experiencing Ganesh Chaturthi in the vibrant heart of Mumbai.She noted the electrifying atmosphere that envelops the city during this festive season.“I’m deeply involved in working on ‘Agninakshatram,’ a project I hold close to my heart.With Lord Ganesha’s blessings, I believe we’ll make an outstanding movie,” the actress said with excitement.

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Lakshmi Manchu’s previous appearance in the Malayalam film ‘Monster,’ alongside the acclaimed actor Mohanlal, garnered critical acclaim for her exceptional performance.

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