Actress injured at same spot 4th time     2015-09-27   02:37:35  IST  Raghu V

Former actress and present Congress leader, Kushboo has been hospitalized. She had fallen from the stairs in her residence in Atchyutapuram, Chennai and injured her knee. Khushb00 suffered minor injuries in this incident. She apparently injured her right knee for which she was given a Knee brace . She has been advised to take rest for a week in order to recuperate with the injury. As per the actress this is her fourth injury to the same leg and the same spot. Few years back she suffered injury in same place while shooting for a film. The actress has tweeted in her page saying. She wrote ‘’ the news is my knee is injured n I m on knee brace..nothing serious but u tend 2 hurt the same place twice n I did it 4 the 4th time..but I m in very good hands of Dr.RGK at Apollo.’’ We wish actress Khushboo a speedy recovery