ACB Gave Yet Another Shock To Dhulipalla Narendra

ACB gave yet another shock to the MD of Sangam Dairy and TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra.ACB has filed a petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court seeking revocation of bail of Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar.

 Acb Gave Yet Another Shock To Dhulipalla

The ACB claimed that Narendra had violated the bail rules.It is a known fact that ACB officials arrested Dhulipalla Narendra under irregularities charges in Sangam Dairy.

However, the ACB court in Vijayawada granted him bail as he infected with corona.Also, the court issued bail to MD Gopalakrishna.

 ACB Gave Yet Another Shock To Dhulipalla Narendra-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

The court ordered the two petitioners to file two sureties of Rs 1 lakh each and it made clear that they should not cross the Vijaywada Municipal Corporation for 4 weeks from the date of release on bail.It further clarified that notices should be issued 24 hours in advance if the authorities intend to prosecute the petitioners as part of the investigation.

Now, the ACB filed another case.The High court recently heard the arguments of the ACB and directed Dhulipalla Narendra to file counter-filings and the High Court adjourned the case till June 23.Also, the High Court said that the investigating officers had already seized the required portfolios and the petitioners were being granted bail as they were suffering from the corona.


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