About Those Abandoned Cities That Remain In Memory

About Those Abandoned Cities That Remain In Memory

Did you know that there are beautiful cities and cities in this world right now where not a single man lives? Do you know why their location has become barren? Let us now know the many things that can make you wonder.These areas, which were once affluent with all the amenities, are now home to no creatures except birds.

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To whom it may concern, whose curse it may seem, all seem barren.

The Grand-Basum area still looks barren.

The best areas and buildings in the area have been vacant for many decades.The resort city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Until the 15th century, it was a very prosperous and fully populated area.Mining took place between 1887 and 1974 from a mine on an island off the coast of Nagasaki.

This beautiful area became barren after the extinction of natural resources.

The area has become an important tourist destination in recent years.

History tells us that the area was used as a camp during World War II.More than 1,000 Korean and Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were executed here.

The area was the center of a week-long siege between Republican and fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War between August and September 1937.Built in 1939, the village also fell into disrepair due to the war.Today the region plays an important role in Spanish tourism – About Those Abandoned Cities That Remain In Memory telugu-title:జ్ఞాపకంగా మిగిలిన ఆ పాడుబడిన నగరాల గురించి తెలిస్తే.Read More 👉👉https:/telugustop.com/?p=1907189 – Telugu News #TeluguNews #TeluguBreaking #Telugu #TeluguStop | Telugu news #Heritage #Republican #Grand Basum #Iland #Korien #Nagasaki #TeluguNews #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu News


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