Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna Reunite     2015-08-18   06:33:02  IST  Raghu V

Karan johar is on roll to make something special happen. Yes he is making Aamir Khan to launch Twinkle Khanna’s new book. Of course, Twinkle’s husband Akshay Kumar is always behind to support her her but Aamir’s presence will make it a sky level event. As you all know Twinkle played Aamir’s love interest in Mela.

Interacting with media Karan stated ” “She has never been on my show. She always declined, saying that if she came, she would talk rubbish and get into trouble. But she has done exactly that in her columns and succeeded. I have always known this aspect of her that people have discovered now. Tina has a mad side to her personality and she is hysterical. She also has a great take on slice-of- life. No wonder her columns are loved and adored. So when I heard that she was launching her book, I said, ‘Listen I have to do this. It is a grand coup. She agreed and I am looking forward to my rapid-fire round with her. No, I have not shown her the questions. She told me: ask me anything. And now I am worried about what she will say because she is totally uncensored when it comes to speaking her mind. I also have other tricks and surprises up my sleeve. I am really looking forward to this because we have a great chemistry as friends.”