A Petition Filed To Arrest Virat Kohli And Tamanna  

A senior advocate said that Virat and Tamanna should be arrested for promoting illegal gambling.
Film and cricket celebrities are the icons of youth.

A Petition Filed To Arrest Virat Kohli And Tamanna

Hence most companies chase for the top celebrities to promote their brands.Even celebrities would like to endorse more brands to earn crores of money.

But sometimes they have to face unexpected consequences.

A Petition Filed To Arrest Virat Kohli And Tamanna-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

One such incident happened recently in Chennai.

A senior advocate has filed a petition in Madras High Court to arrest Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and Tollywood actress Tamanna Bhatia for promoting online gambling.

In the petition, he has stated that several cases are being registered where many young people are losing their lives because of online gambling games.

These are the games promoted by several film stars and cricketers.Hence, celebrities like Virat and Tamanna must be arrested as they are indirectly responsible for those deaths, said the advocate.

He considered online games as more dangerous than alcohol and cigarette as it takes a very short time to kill a person.According to the reports the court is likely to proceed with the hearing on Tuesday.

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