80 Soldiers Killed In Military Camp Attack!  

Yemen has been plunged into civil war 6 years back.Since then, hundreds and thousands of civilians along with military personnel have lost their lives.

80 Soldiers Killed In Military Camp Attack! - Telugu 80 Soldiers Killed In Military Camp Attack, Houthi Rebels, Iran Attack On Iraq, Iran Attack On Yemen, Isis Terrorists-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Yet again, another attack has made the country into bloodshed.

According to the latest reports, a drone missile attack took place on a prayer hall within the military camp.

This is being termed as the biggest attack since the civil war has begun.Yemen government alleged that Houthi Rebels who are supported by Iran are behind the attack.

‘With 80 soldiers killed in military camp attack, tension has only escalated in the Arabian peninsula.These developments are taking the Arabian peninsula closer to war’, said a geopolitical analyst.

Yemen has been supported by allied forces under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attacks.In a press release, the Yemen government stated that the allied forces will remain rock solid, and will not give in to the ambitions of Iran of destabilizing the country.