8 Things Girls Should Never Do In Periods

8 things girls should never do in periods

You can visit a temple in periods.You can play a sport in your periods.

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You can touch anybody and you can talk with anybody in periods.You are still the same, pure and beautiful in periods.

But dear girls, never do these 8 things in that time of month.No offence.

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* Not to wear white panties.Maintaining hygiene all the time is humanly not possible.Wearing a lite colour panty, white in special would expose your bleeding.

* Not to forget your pads or whatever you use to maintain hygiene.

Not to forget the backup pad with you.You may require a quick back up anytime.

* Don’t eat salty foods much in periods.The high sodium content would bloat your stomach and also give encouragement for the cramps.

Better avoid all salty food materials including your favorite chips.* Don’t participate in sensitive discussions.

As you know, Periods come with lot of mood swings.May be, it’s not the right time to handle any sensitive issues.

* Don’t skip your meals.For your own sake, just don’t.

You need energy, hydration and more importantly iron rich foods in periods.You lose a lot of blood and be your own care taker.

* Don’t crave for coffee, sweets and dairy products.They could only worsen your pain in the periods.Instead you can have proteins.

* Never do unprotected sex during periods.Don’t believe in a myth that a woman cannot get pregnant during periods.She would get in certain cases.

There are high chances of getting infected or passing an infection during periods.So, better avoid unprotected sex.

* Don’t use too much soap or any chemical cleanser on your lady part.Vagina can clean itself naturally and employ your efforts with clean water.