8 Foods Not To Be Eaten If You Have Chest Burn Sensation

8 foods not to be eaten if you have chest burn sensation

Almost everyone faces this burning sensation in the chest.Not many times it is chronic.

 8 Foods Not To Be Eaten If You Have Chest Burn Sensation-TeluguStop.com

Despite saying that, one should be careful about their diet if the burning sensation becomes regular.Diet is the biggest culprit under such conditions.

Apart from stopping to eat spicy foods, there are other foods to be avoided that could surprise you.

* Surprised to see this name right at first place in the list? Well, Tomatoes have loads of citric acid, malic acid, and ascorbic acid.Altogether would irritate the stomach and esophagus.Stop taking tomato in any form.

Either in raw, as curry, soap or catch up.

* Probably, one of the rare instances where you see Peppermint in negative sentences.But what Peppermint does is it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter.People who suffer from GERD should stay miles away from this.

* Needless to say why healthy fruit family citrus is here.Be it with oranges, lemon or citrus grapes, all are high in acid content which irritates the digestive tract.

The high acidity of citrus fruits relaxes the esophageal sphincter and increase the chest burn.

* Alcohol is not tall a healthy thing to take even in normal conditions.

It can make things worse in chest burn as it can relax the valve at the bottom of the esophagus, which in turn leads to reflux.

* Fatty meats are not easily digestible.

Therefore, it keeps extra pressure on stomach keeping it expanded for a longer period of time.It leads to acid refluxes giving a high to chest burn.

Except for skinless chicken, nothing is encourageable under certain circumstances.

* Coffee becomes an unwanted yet another time and in yet another case.

It doesn’t really fit into unhealthy people at any level.Coffee increases acidity and acid reflux.

Need to explain the consequences further?

* Chocolate is kind of extension of the coffee family.Coffee too contains caffeine, in big amounts.

Besides, it is also a dairy product containing fats.It also contains stimulants like theobromine causing acid reflux.

* Caffeine drinks, sodas and anything coming with artificial sugars are to be avoided in chest burn.They increase acidic properties in the stomach and leads to acid reflux.

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