8 Changes That Happen In Woman’s Body After $ex  

* Her body weight would slightly get increased.Wonder why? It’s because of the production happy hormones in tons, woman’s body weights a little more weight for sometime.But this is a rarity

* Not matter a woman or a man, the skin glows after a $ex session.It is because blood flow increases during lovemaking and good blood flow increases glow and health of human skin

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* She will burn around 100-120 calories or even more than that depending upon the position partners have adopted.

If she adopts a cow girl position, she would even more than that in an average $ex position lasting around 15-20 mins which includes foreplay and penetration

* Vaginal lubrications give her a sense of relief and happiness.She gets a heavenly feeling for more than couple of minutes.

You can feel the wetness in her expressions

* Her lady part gets expanded for little time an in little measure.However, vagina comes back to original shape after she gets normal after the arousal mode.

There is a popular myth that vagina gets expanded permanently because of $ex

* The blood flow in arteries and veins gets into track.The bad cholesterol will get decreased.

Her hear will become safer.Stats say, women involved in regular $ex activities are 50% less prone to heart diseases

* Nipples will become more sensitive.

Her breasts increase in size for sometime and they also become firmer.This lasts as long as she feels horny and enjoys the mood of being horny

* Clitoris and uterus expand immediately after she starts feeling the heat.It’s a natural process to make the $ex more comfortable.These body parts remain the same for couple of minutes after an orgasm.

They get back to original size later.

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