71% Of Indian Smartphone Users Open To Switching Devices Based On Os Experience: Report

71% of Indian smartphone users open to switching devices based on OS experience: Report

New Delhi, Jan 11 : About 71 per cent of Indian smartphone users are open to exploring and potentially changing their device based on the OS (operating system) experience offered, a new report revealed on Thursday.

 71% Of Indian Smartphone Users Open To Switching Devices Based On Os Experience:-TeluguStop.com

According to Cybermedia Research (CMR), about 88 per cent of smartphone users are satisfied with their current smartphone OS.

“In the pursuit of an exceptional smartphone user experience, consumers prioritise not just external hardware but also the smartphone OS and app experience,” said Prabhu Ram, Head, Industry Intelligence Group at CMR.

“Smartphone users highly value intelligent OS enhancements that deliver seamless, lag-free experiences on their phones.Users also appreciate optimisations that enhance digital well-being and contribute to conserving battery life,” he added.

In this survey, which included 2,571 smartphone users from major Indian cities, 83 per cent emphasised the importance of OS for their satisfaction and delight.

According to the report, ease of usage (56 per cent), security (54 per cent) and faster launch time (54 per cent) steer smartphone OS considerations for consumers.

Indian users prioritise enhancing data security (65 per cent) and boosting performance (62 per cent) when updating their smartphone OS.

Barriers to updating the OS include a perceived lack of need (42 per cent) and insufficient storage space (35 per cent), the report found.



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