7 Signs That Tell You Are Eating More Sugar  

We crave for sweets, we enjoy drinking cool drinks, we are dependent on white rice and we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating sugar and more sugar in some hundreds of ways more.Now, who can you blame if not you for the high blood sugar levels ? Thing is, we should be well aware of the happenings in our body.We should be aware of the consequences seeing some early signs.These are 7 signs you should take as a warning.

* Liver couldn’t function properly.It is because of the lipids produced by glucose and fructose.

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The pressure on liver increases and it would feel the burden.

* Vitamin C in the blood strengthens immunity.

But if your sugar intake is high, the sugar substances fight to replace the vitamin in blood.This weakens your resistance power and if you call fall ill very frequently.

* If the sugar intake is high, a human body cannot burn fats efficiently.Adding more worse to that, sugar produces lipoprotein lipase which increases hunger for no reason.

In that case, you will start eating more than what you require or what you were used to.Obesity starts here.

* If there is high level presence of sugar in your body, it leads to few to several oral health problems.The list includes cavities and gum diseases.

It happens because sugar reduces the pH level and increases bacteria in your mouth.This automatically leads to many oral diseases.

* If in case your blood pressure has seen a high all of sudden, sugar could be the possible culprit.Sugar increases bad cholesterol levels and constricts the arteries.

All together, your heart is in serious danger and you can feel that.This happens because of high sugar intake.

* What sugars brings to your body ? Just some huge amount of calories and nothing more than that.How you would feel energetic without the presence of nutrients ? Sugar makes you feel energetic and also low on energy.That’s why you eat more and weigh more.If you feel lazy and un-energetic, check your sugar levels.

* High blood sugar levels stop glucose from entering into cells.The same happens with the brain cells.For this reason, you will start forgetting many basic things.You memory power falls down severely.

Probably, you are eating more sugar.

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