7 Signs That Show Your Body Is Running Low On Protein  

* Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms of protein deficiency.It happens as the blood sugar levels fluctuate now and hence short busting the brain energy.

In that passage of time, your brain cells become weak and there you see brain fog

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* How you are protected from infections? How you are healed from injuries? It’s all because of the immunity system.Know what builds immune cells? Of course, protein.Then what happens if there is no enough protein in your body? Automatically your immunity system becomes weak and you would face sick quite regularly

* Lack of protein leads to joint pain.It happens as joint fluid breaks down to supplement calories.

Proteins won’t be used under these circumstances.So, the building of tissues, muscles and cells slows down.

This creates immense pain in the muscles and joints.If it is continuous, understand you need protein

* As said earlier, protein deficiency causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Since sugars levels aren’t stable most of the times, you would crave for food very often.Either it would be between meal timings or just even after a meal.

Not a meal everytime, but you may crave for snacks on regular intervals.It happens because your diet is low on protein and high on sugar and carbs.

* We have discussed this earlier, protein builds immunity cells.If protein deficiency hits you, the production rate of immunity cells, tissues falls down.

This turns to slow healing power.If you have a wound for a long time unhealed, probably, you need to take more protein from there

* Protein doesn’t let fluids stay and stop in your body parts.

It won’t let your swell.But in the absence of protein, edema would definitely hit you.The fluid accumulation is a bad condition to be in as your body parts, feet and hands in special swell in an awkward way

* In protein deficiency, the muscle building literally gets paused.Because of this, you may see your body loosing noticeable weight all of sudden.

No, this is not because of your workout, it’s because of protein inadequacy.

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