7 mistakes men do with condom     2017-10-25   06:13:52  IST  Raghu V

Why do you wear condom during penetration sacrificing the skin to skin touch feel? Isn’t that because you need protection from unwanted pregnancy and STD’s? Then what would be the use of a condom when you commit any of these 7 mistakes?

* People wear condom directly without squeezing it. Remember, you need to squeeze the bubble in it before you wear it. Otherwise, it would break in the middle.

* Do not unroll the condom completely before your wear. In fact, never unroll it completely. That would make the condom loose which is not good.

* Using right lubricant for the condom is compulsory. People don’t really think about it. If the woman is using oil based lubricants like petroleum jelly, man should avoid using latex condoms. Instead, the man can use water based lubricants. Usage of compatible condom is must.

* Even condoms have an expiry date. But many of us don’t even think that condom could have an expiry date for real. Expired condoms may have a loose elasticity.

* Men don’t give enough space while wearing a condom. They wear it completely tight. That could also cause breakage or leakage.

* Don’t want it in wrong way at first place. If you did, throw out the condom and use another. Wearing it the other way around might not be a good option since pre ejaculation material stick to it may enter into her vagina.

* Take out the condom before your erection goes down. If you don’t, the condom will get loosen and the semester comes out of it. There will be no use of purchasing a condom.