6 Super Benefits Of Lemon Peel

6 Super benefits of lemon peel

Lemon is everyone’s favorite.This citrus family member brings so much on to the nutritional table with it’s bank of nutrients and vitamins.

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We make Lemon tea and drink it for avoiding dairy fat products, we make Lemon drink to flush out toxins and we use Lemon liquids for reaping various health Benefits like digestion, metabolism, heart rate, immunity build up and much more.But, isn’t just the liquid which is helpful ? What about the peel ? Look here, the top 6 uses of Lemon peel.

* Ants are the unwanted guests at our home.It is frustrating to see ants over our food items.Do not worry as you have Lemon peel in your hand which makes ants run away with its acidic properties.Just place Lemon peels over those places which are frequently crowded by ants.

* Lemon peel is a natural scrub for your face.Cleaning your face with Lemon peel and washing it with lukewarm water will make your skin smooth and bright.

Lemon peel is a natural cleaner sir which will remove all the dirt and oil from your skin.

* We use Lemon bars for cleaning dishes.

Why shouldn’t​ we try a natural and actual Lemon peel to do the same? Washing dishes with a real Lemon peel is more beneficial than using a soap.

* Using Lemon peels on your teeth will reduce teeth staining and stains.

All that you have to do is rub your teeth with Lemon peel for few minutes, let your teeth rinse with lukewarm water and then wash it.

* We carry millions of bacteria particles in our hands.Lemon peel helps to remove as much as possible.Soak your hands in warm water for 10 minutes and rub your hands and nails in the the same lukewarm water with the help of Lemon peels.It really makes a difference.

* Guess what? you can make a Lemon peel tea.Even a Lemon peel contains high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C which improves digestion and immunity system, balances pH levels and reduces weight.Boil fresh Lemon peels in hot water, add some Honey in it and drink it after stirring.