6 Main Reasons Why You Can Get Dark Circles Under Eyes  

No one likes dark lines under their eyes.Dark circles has become a a very common problem for simple and most common reasons.

We have a very thin and skin under our eyes.We all get tired and we all crave for sleep in insomniac nights.Yes, these are the main reasons behind dark circles but along with these two, there are few other reasons you should know.

6 Main Reasons Why You Can Get Dark Circles Under Eyes-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

* Bad genes can pass this to you.

No matter you take utmost care of your eyes and face, the problem can still.A famous dermatologist from New York, Dr.Bruce Katz believes that dark circles many appear with hereditary reasons.

* Eyelid skin is the most thinnest and sensitive part of your skin.

If you are exposing yourself to the sun more, there are more chances of getting dark circles.

* Probably the biggest reason is sleeplessness.

Sleeping less than 7 hours everyday will automatically bring dark circles.Good sleep beautifies your eyes and bad sleeps makes it pale and causes dark circles.

* People have this bad habit of rubbing their eyes with force and repeatedly.This can damage the blood vessels near your eyes.

Yes, Eczema can lead to dark circles.

* Unhappiness and depression could also be the reason of puffy eyes.

Many researchers have stated the relationship between depression and dark circles down the eyes.

* The sudden rise in the production of a hormone called cortisol can also cause dark circles as it can make the skin near your eyes even more thinner.