5 Ways Diabetes Ruin $ex Life Of A Woman  

It’s a known fact that over 240 million population on this planet is affected by diabetes.As a rough idea, you might be thinking that men are more prone to and more effected with diabetes.But contrary to the popular belief, women are are at equal risk of getting diabetes.It’s a human body, male or female, both are equally endangered to the disease.You know how diabetes ruin health and how it makes the immunity levels fall.But have you ever heard about the $exual stuff related to diabetes.

How high blood sugar levels affect $ex life? Especially in women? Read the below information

5 Ways Diabetes Ruin $ex Life Of A Woman-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

* Diabetic neuropathy damages the nerve system.It makes the nerve sensitivity vanish.

It that happens, women don’t really feel what they are supposed to during the intercourse.It makes them less arousal

* Diabetes also weakens blood vessels.

So, there is no proper blood supply to all the body parts including vagina and clitoris.In such situation, there is no scope for $exual arousal since vagina is pretty much dry

* High blood sugar levels mean high glucose production in the body.

Excess glucose encourages the growth of fungus.In this way, the chances of yeast infections go high and infections are never a part of healthy $exual life

* High blood sugar levels also cause inflammation in the bladder.

It leads to urinary tract infections or UTI.If a woman is facing such condition, she also faces pain during intercourse.It’s obvious, she will not enjoy the $exual life

* In most cases, diabetes and obesity are interlinked.Even one of them is not $ex friendly.

If they are together in a body, nothing is going to help.

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