5 Reasons Why Your Vagina Becomes Dry

A dry vagina is never happy.Whereas, a wet vagina tells how happy a woman is.Vagina gets wet when she is horny, when she is feeling the pleasure and when she is sexually healthy.Well, wetness here doesn’t talk about bleeding or discharges.It’s just about the fluids which get released when a woman is horny, when is enjoying her sexual life.If it is dry, women don’t need to worry as worry just makes the condition ever more worse.First of all, find out the reasons.Probably, you are facing one problem from the below.

 5 Reasons Why Your Vagina Becomes Dry-TeluguStop.com

* Have you just delivered a baby?

If your vagina doesn’t get enough lubrication post delivery, don’t worry, it’s normal.A woman’s body undergoes many changes during and after pregnancy.

There will be a sudden and big downfall in estrogen levels.So the dryness in and around your vagina is bound to happen.It’s natural that you don’t feel that horny.

* Suffering from cold ?

Don’t take it weird because not everyone experiences this thing.Even cold can dry out vagina along with the Marcus membranes in the nose.It’s because allergies, including cold allergy could carry antihistamines.

* Usage of certain soaps and douches :

Consult a doctor before you soap anywhere around your vagina.Ask your doctor to suggest healthy soaps or douches for cleaning the lady part.Because certain products disturb the natural balance of chemicals in the vagina and bring dryness.

* Depression and anxiety:

Mental health is important.Mental healthy will automatically effect your physical health.Your body status is just a reaction of your mental status.If you are depressed, bearing the load of different pressures and you are experiencing anxiety, dryness in vagina is certain to happen.

* Could be the last but most important one.You are not experiencing enough arousal.Your partner is failing to satisfy you in the bed.It could be non performance of foreplay or unexciting penetration, in whatever form, your sex life is not going good.