5 $ Positions That Give Women Orgasm Quite Easily

5 $ Positions That Give Women Orgasm Quite Easily -

There is nothing in the world, without a method.Different methods to learn, different methods for calculations, different methods of playing, talking and what not.What is a method ? It’s nothing but an approach adopted to accomplish certain task.Even in $, there are methods.We call them $ positions.As every method has a different approach and style, $ has different positions which facilitate a different view and taste about the intercourse act.The ultimate goal of $ is to reach orgasm.More importantly, making a woman experience the climax.

So, here we are making you aware of five most important $ positions that ease a man’s work and help women reach orgasm as soon as possible.

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#1 Missionary Sex Position

You all know this.The traditional missionary $ position, but in a different style.Woman, on her back should put a pillow under her butt, then lift her hips and bring legs up and back toward the shoulders.

In simple words, she should fold herself into half, with a pillow below her butt.This position will help the man in deeper penetration.

Importantly, this position will allow the male part to stimulate the G-Spot, by which he would easily make her reach the orgasm.

#2 The Cowgirl Ride

She wants to be the boss.She wants to dictate the session and she wants to dominate him.This feeling itself is a big turn on for the ladies.Which woman doesn’t like a ride on her man.Indeed, the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl are two $ positions that women die for.It is because, she controls the intercourse here.She knows, what the stroke rate should be, when to fasten, where to slow and what makes her enjoy the ultimate experience of climax.

If it is a straight ride or cowgirl position, men can have a go at her breasts, which just cannot fail.This is a big bonus for her.

#3 Standing Sex Position

It is easily one of the most toughest things to handle, especially for men.The man needs to be as athletic as it requires.Bearing a woman’s weight and carrying out the intensity of intercourse is not at all an easy job to do so.If he is capable of pulling this out, then, no woman can resist.It will give her uncontrollable pleasure with clitoral stimulation, breast to chest touch and deep lip locks.This is a fairy tale, this is a fantasy, this is a dream $ position for women.

#4 The doggy style

This $ position excites men for obvious reasons.He dominates her like a king.Having said that, the doggy style also favor women equally.It is because the impact in this position is directly on the front vaginal wall.

There are more chances in doggy style for G-spot stimulation along with clitoral stimulation.However, this $ position is not every woman’s buddy.

So, it’s better to discuss long before trying this method of intercourse.

#5 G-Whiz

G-whiz or the Anvil $ position is slightly different from what missionary position is with the woman lying on her back and the man kneeling between her thighs.The woman raises her legs and keeps calves on his shoulders.This will help the penis work on her g-spot directly.It’s like a direct access to the g-spot, which plays a very important role in woman orgasms.So, this $ position is highly recommended for all those men who want to take their ladies to the climax as soon as possible.

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