5 NE States Are Urged To Increase Covid Testing

Imphal/Kohima : , Officials said Wednesday that the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry had asked five northeastern countries to increase testing and take immediate measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.
Rajesh Bhushan (Union Health and Family Welfare Secretary) wrote to the Health Secretaries of Sikkim and Manipur, Meghalaya and Mizoram stating that Covid-19 testing should be increased due to recent increases in travel, owing to various events like marriages, holidays, and vacations.

 5 Ne States Are Urged To Increase Covid Testing-TeluguStop.com

“A decrease in testing would weaken the actual spread of infection within the community.He also stated that winter is bringing on an increase in pollution and the prevalence of ILI/SARI symptoms.

Regular testing should be done to monitor the condition and for clustering and early identification of hotspots.

Bhushan said that there are many countries experiencing multiple surges in Covid cases and some countries in the developed world facing even fourth or fifth waves of the disease despite high levels Covid vaccination.

This is an indication of the need to be vigilant due to the unpredictable nature of the disease.

He stated that all efforts must be made to preserve the gains made and to prevent the country from deteriorating the Covid-19 situation.

According to Ministry data, Wednesday’s Covid-19 death rate in three northeastern states, Nagaland (2.17%), Meghalaya (1.74%) and Manipur (1.57%) – was higher than the national mortality rate of 1.35 percent.

Mizoram’s 0.36 percent fatality rate is the lowest, but the active ratio of 3.36 percent in the northeastern states is the highest.

Mizoram health officials in Aizawl stated that the state has been conducting mass testing of people for the past three months mainly using the Rapid Antigen method.This might explain why the number of positive cases has risen alarmingly.

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