30 Lakhs Given To Kathi Mahesh To Silence Him?  

Had Kathi Mahesh been continuing his negative comments on Pawan Kalyan, things would have been really difficult for Pawan Kalyan at this moment where he joined politics on permanent basis.Kathi Mahesh started exposing flaws in Pawan Kalyan’s political stand.

He brought Poonam Kaur into the scene with an allegation of extra marital affair.All these things and everyday debates on Television would have only added demerits to the goodwill of the star.

30 Lakhs Given To Kathi Mahesh To Silence Him-Gossips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

As there are two sides every coin, Pawan Kalyan’s team started a counter attack on Kathi Mahesh by disclosing some on his lewid messages sent to random girls from film industry.It was projected as if Kathi Mahesh is asking sexual favours from this girls.

So, both were loosing at different ends.These circumstances paved a way for compromise.

Then Kona Venkat landed into the scene.As per whispers in filmnagar, team Pawan Kalyan sent a 30 lakh offer to Kathi Mahesh to make him silent.

The film critic accepted the proposal and ended up with a compromise, it is said.However, there is no literal clue for this rumor.

If that is true, what are your thoughts on this treaty?

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