Three People Were Killed And Several Others Injured By A Blast At Gujarat Chemical Factory (Ld).

Gandhinagar, Dec 16 : Three persons were charred to death while 15 others were injured, two of them critically, after a blast accompanied by a devastating fire rocked a Chemical Factory in Panchmahal district in Gujarat on Thursday morning.

 Three People Were Killed And Several Others Injured By A Blast At Gujarat Chemical Factory (ld)

The blast occurred in the Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL) Factory in the Ranjitnagar locality of Ghoghamba town.

District Collector Sujal Mayatra said, “Three workers have died.The firefighters have doused the fire and the Factory building has been cleared.No other body has been found there.”

Mayatra informed that out of the 15 workers who were injured, the condition of two is stated to be critical.

The official said that experts from Godhra and Vadodara have reached the spot to ascertain the cause of the accident.

“As we had snapped electricity connection to the Factory to prevent more damage, it is not immediately possible to ascertain the exact cause of the blast,” he added.

Earlier, an official communique from the CMO stated that Gujarat Chief Minister BhUpendra Patel was in constant touch with the district administration, ensuring that the injured are given proper care.According to sources in Godhra, the district headquarters of Panchmahal, the sound of the blast could be heard within a radius of around 10 km.Firefighters from the nearby towns of Godhra, Haalol and Kaalol were able to douse the fire after around five hours.Because of the toxic gas emanating from the blast site, the district administration had to cordon off 5 km area surrounding the factory.

3 killed, several injured in blast at Gujarat Chemical Factory (Ld)

An earlier communiqué from the CMO indicated that Gujarat Chief Minister BhUpendra Ptel kept in touch with district administration to ensure that injured people are taken care of.
Sources in Godhra (the district headquarters for Panchmahal) claim that the blast was heard over a distance of approximately 10 kilometers.

After five hours, firefighters from nearby villages of Godhra and Haalol were capable to extinguish the flames.

The toxic gas emitted from the blast site caused the District Administration to close off 5km of land around the factory.

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