20 Things Men Should Do When She Is On Periods

20 things men should do when she is on periods

You know what are periods.You know what your girlfriend or wife is going through her periods.So, will you an ordinary partner sitting idle and numb when she is going through lot of pain mentally and physically ? Or will you be an ideal partner knowing what she is up to and finding ways to help her ? Well, the second option sounds better right ? So, if you are a caring and loving boyfriend, do these 20 things when she is on periods.

 20 Things Men Should Do When She Is On Periods-TeluguStop.com

1) Don’t smoke.It’s not good for health since it can give her unhealthy breath and lead to premature ovarian cancer.She should have a fresh air to breath.

2) Motivate her to exercise in the periods.Especially from the 2nd or 3rd day of the periods.

How to motivate ? Join with her, exercise together.This will help her to feel lively and energetic.She can exercise better without boredom.

3) If she is a coffee addict, take care of her.Too much caffeine during periods is very bad.Regulate her coffee intake, you can even order her to stay out of coffee.Better don’t drink coffee in front of her and help to distract herself away from caffeine.

4) Bloating is very common during periods.It happens due to the balances and imbalances in hormones.So, better not to comment anything about her size and shape in periods.

5) There is a popular rumor that a woman couldn’t get pregnant during periods.But contrary to rumors, it can be possible if she has skipped her periods and you are making out.So, beware of what she is up to.

6) Don’t force her to socialize when she is on periods.Women feel sort of discomfort to talk with random people during periods.When she is not comfortable with something .better let her decide what she has to do.

7) She would mostly feel horny during periods.If not horny, she can at least try to get relief from the cramps.Both ways, she needs sex.So, never ignore her sexual desires during periods.

8) Said earlier, sex in periods is not completely safe.There are slim chances of pregnancy, that too rarely.But why should one take the risk ? So, don’t forget to use condom even if you are trying a have stand in the night.

9) Don’t go rude with her eating habits during periods.Women crave for certain type of food items during periods.It could be a chocolate or an Ice – Cream and what ever, just don’t go rude.Explaining her on medical grounds is different.

10) Make sure you know the complete information about her periods.We mean, the time in the month, the days, when she is ovulating and all that.You should be aware of what is going with her to help her.This information with you, will also improve your bonding.

11) As said in the above point, keep an eye on her periods cycle.Do know if she is going with regular periods or not.If she is having irregular periods, that’s an unhealthy state.Take care of her under such circumstances.

12) Take her to a doctor in irregular periods, if she is suffering with cramps, dizziness, vomiting, stomach ache and all that sort of extreme things in a period.Understand the condition of her body and help her to get rid of pains.

13) Understand this thing, she has many mood swings in the periods.She can go hard at you few to several times.Understand that, she is not directly talking to you.Her hormones are forcing her to be rude with you.Don’t leave her under such circumstances.Eat every word she said to you.

14) Don’t make fun of her periods, never ever do that.That will force her form a bad opinion about you since you are making fun of a natural activity which she cant’t prevent from happening.It’s a normal thing.There is nothing weird about it.

15) Don’t ask about her blood.She is already undergoing so many physical and mental changes.Don’t irk her with you stupid questions.Blood is blood … a glimpse at the Google will help you understand what Menstruation blood is.Don’t insult or take a dig at that blood.

16) Sometimes, she may fail to keep hygiene.As a partner you should understand that she is physically tired and that’s the possible reason why is lazy to keep the hygiene.

Understand her problem, don’t go away from her.If you do, it hurts.

17) Help her in works.Don’t throw your works on her.Try to cook, try to clean and try to help in every work you know.She needs your help physically and mentally.Don’t make her get exhausted with work.Contribute your part and responsibility in her works.

18) A proper sleep is must during periods.An improper sleep will worsen things.

It will change the balance of hormone production.It will lead to heavy mood swings.So, make sure that she is having a proper sleep.Doesn’t matter, order her to sleep.You have that right as a caring partner who has been doing all this for her.

19) What happens when fire meets fire ? It will burn everything.She is in periods, she is in mood swings, so she couldn’t act behave at her control.So, don’t react to her in equal temper.Instead, keep your calm and talk to her on the issue when she is in cool mood.

20) Make her happy with surprises, have a good time with her in the evenings, take her do dinners, watch movies with her and do everything which can bring both of you together.Make her happy.Make her control her mood swings.

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